Fall Garden Chores



Fall Lawn Care Checklist

____ If/when you have few leaves,

____ Aerate your lawn

____ Seed or lay sod


Fall Perennial Garden Checklist

____ Tackle weeds

____ Plant spring bulbs

____ Add mulch


Fall Annuals and Container Garden Checklist

____ Empty planters, clean and store

____ Clean out beds

____ Dig up bulbs that need to be stored

____ Add compost to vegetable beds


Fall Tree and Shrub Care Checklist

____ Plant new trees and shrubs(Not evergreens. Plant those in the spring.)

____ Prune after trees and bushes have gone dormant


Fall Garden Tool Care Checklist

____ Clean hand tools, rub with a light coat of vegetable oil and put away in a dry place.

____ Sharpen blades so they are ready for spring. Again, apply a light coat of vegetable oil.

____ Drain hoses and irrigation lines

____ Turn off outside faucets before freeze sets in.

____ Drain all engines. Change oil. Store in a dry place.


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