Fake Baked Mostaccioli


This is one of my favorite fast go to dinners. Its almost as good as real baked mostaccioli, without the baked on cheese on the caserole dish.

You’ll need spaghetti sauce I make a batch of spaghetti sauce almost every week so it’s handy. And its always better the next day you know…

You’ll also need  a box of mostaccioli noodles (I like rigati, with lines – holds the sauce better) and some finely grated Mozzeralla cheese.

Cook mostaccioli noodles per box instructions. Heat up sauce. 

Put noodles on a plate.

Top with hot spaghetti sauce.

Top with grated cheese.

Let it sit for a minute so the cheese gets melty.

Serve with tossed salad, Italian bread, and wine.

Relax and enjoy!


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