Dill stops embarrassing gas by breaking up gas bubbles. Make a tea of 1-2 teaspoons dill seed in ½ cup boiling water.

Dill is also said to be calming. In the old days (the real old days) parents would give children dill seeds to chew on during church services to keep them quiet. They were called meeting seeds.

They are also high in calcium, but you would have to eat like 3 tablespoons to get any significant amounts.

Dill has also been used to calm indigestion and relieve hiccups. It’s always been a popular medicinal herb. It kills germs and fungus, is antibacterial, is full of antioxidants, clears mucus, acts as an antihistamine, helps detoxify the body, helps cramps and respiratory problems, and neutralizes carcinogens.

Dill pickles have the added benefits of cucumbers and vinegar. Who would have thought that a dill pickle could be so powerful?



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