There has been a raw food movement that claims you can cure Diabetes in 30 days.

Can you?

In my experience with my best friend’s struggle with diabetes, and with my daughter’s asthma, I have found that if you live a healthy lifestyle –

  • cut out packaged and processed foods, sugary drinks, and pop
  • eat real food
  • avoid too many starchy or sugary foods
  • eat your 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • take your vitamins
  • get some exercise
  • get enough sleep

It will appear that you have cured the disease.

My daughter went for over 2 years without needing to go to the doctor for asthma.

My friend has been on and off her insulin.

The truth is – once you fall back into bad habits, the disease will come back.

These are changes that you have to make for a lifetime.

The good news is – bad eating is a habit. Good eating is a habit. You can change it.

It takes some discipline in the beginning to talk yourself out of pulling through the drive thru and going home to make a healthy dinner when you’re dog tired. I still have that discussion with myself from time to time…

But in the end – you’ll want the food that tastes better and will actually give you energy.

Even my daughter chooses healthier food most of the time. I’ve been amazed at how many times she prefers going home for dinner over eating out.

It will become the obvious choice for you too – especially with so many great tasting easy options here to help you 😉


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