Daily Cleaning Checklist

average kitchen


Want to keep your house cleaning under control? Do a nightly mini clean. Doing these simple tasks every day will cut your major cleaning down to hardly anything.

Print this checklist out to follow until this becomes habit.

It really only takes a few minutes, especially when you do it every day.



____ Put things away

____ Do dishes

____ Wipe down counters

____ Wipe stove top, handles, knobs…

____ Wipe refridgerator front, handles…

____ Wipe out microwave

____ Scrub sink

____ Sweep floor

____ Take out garbage if needed



____ Wipe down or squeegee shower walls, doors

____ Clean mirror

____ Clean toilet

____ Clean sink

____ Change hand towels


Other rooms

____ Pick up and straighten

____ Feather dust if needed



_____ Monday- Dust

_____Tuesday – Deep clean bathrooms

_____Wednesday – Deep clean kitchen, do shopping inventory

_____Thursday  – Vacuume and wash floors

_____Friday – Touch up clean for weekend


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