This one is a double edged sword…

Ok, for years I considered corn a non food, But now it appears that canned corn, or steamed fresh corn contain a phytochemical called ferulic acid, which may help prevent cancer. The antioxidants are released once the corn is exposed to heat. The study did not mention frozen corn. Canned corn was shown to contain 44% more antioxidants than raw corn?

A former school nurse just informed me that corn and beans form a complete protein – for the vegetarians. Vegetarians are under the false assumption that because some vegetables do contain protein, that they are getting their protein requirements. But It’s not a complete protein. Soy protein is a dangerous replacement. If you insist on being a full vegetarian, then include corn and beans to make sure you are getting your much needed protein.

 However – most of the corn grown in the U.S. is now genetically modified. I do not recommend any commercial corn or corn products, frozen, canned or otherwise.

If you are a vegetarian, please eat locally grown fresh corn only.

Farmers could make a fortune if they sold their products jarred in the winter, don’t you think?



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