This is a compound that is naturally made by your body. It provides energy to every cell. As you age, your levels decrease. If you notice signs of aging, getting short of breath easier, teeth starting to go bad, you know, just nagging age kinds of things – you may want to try supplementing – especially if you’re over 50.

Current research shows that if you don’t need it, it doesn’t do anything. It will not prevent disease. But, if you have disease, supplementing with CoQ10 has been shown to help immensely. Weird, I know. 

Because it’s in every cell in your body, this wonder supplement is said to do everything from cure gum disease to removing plaque from your arteries. Personally, I stared with 50 milligrams and it did nothing. I increased to 100 milligrams and did feel better. At 200 milligrams I felt amazing. Within a week my gums looked incredibly better. I stopped at 200 milligrams. I’ve seen recommended doses from 30 milligrams to 600 milligrams. 300 – 600 was used to actually treat disease, and dosages that high should be under a doctor’s supervision. I haven’t seen any reports of adverse effects, but why take the chance?

I also found that if I stop taking it, I feel really bad. Worse than before. So I guess this will now be a part of my daily routine forever. Based on that, and since your body produces enough until you reach 40 or so, I would never give this to kids.

Food sources of CoQ10 are limited. Sardines are one of the sources. You can find it in meat in hearts and livers, and legs. You can find trace amounts in cauliflower, spinach, potatoes, and oranges. But you would have to eat a ton of these foods to get enough.



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