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This is my story. It may or may not work for you.

The FDA has waged war on using supplements to prevent or even cure diseases since the 1950s. In high school, I had an English teacher that talked about controversial subjects.

It was through her that I first heard about planting crops in the sea, eating kelp, and how the FDA would go to any lengths to discredit supplements.

She talked about a recent article about a doctor who claimed to cure his arthritis with vitamin C and how the FDA went after him.

Back in the day, if you had a medical license of any kind, you could not talk about healing disease with supplements or food.

You might remember the stories about walnut advertisers, or cranberry, or even Cheerios. The FDA made them spend millions to go through the drug approval process and prove their claims.

I was a bit of a rebel, so I was intrigued. I started reading up on using supplements. I even ate kelp.

I started taking Vitamin C. Sure enough, I got sick less often.

Now admittedly, I do eat fresh food, and I’m active, which also helps.

Years later, a lady I worked with was beside herself. Her daughter was in her Junior year of high school and frequently sick. My friend was getting concerned that she would not be able to graduate.

I told her about Vitamin C. I also explained that it takes 6 months to build up your levels and not to expect miracles overnight.

The daughter sailed through Senior year with a single sick day!

These days, Vitamin C is being touted for keeping your skin healthy. 

If you take too much vitamin C, you will get the runs.

I’m not saying that you should believe everything you hear about supplements. Always do your own research.

I’m working on putting more supplement information in the Vitamin and Nutrient section. If you need information on one that isn’t listed yet, let me know and I’ll research it and get it in there.



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