Chronic Pain

The first thing to remember about Chronic Pain is that it is caused by inflammation, so be sure to indulge in plenty of anti-inflammatory foods everyday. A glass of cranberry juice everyday does wonders.

In addition, you can try these solutions –

You may have a Zinc deficiency.

Increase your levels of serotonin by making sure you are getting enough of your B vitamins, and indulge in a piece of dark chocolate.

Other supplements said to work are MSM, Glutamine, Bromelain (you can’t eat enough pineapple to get the amount you would need), Turmeric (again, that would be a lot of mustard!), and foods containing capsaisin (hot peppers).

Of course, make sure you are eating plenty of healthy foods to keep your system strong and keep away from foods that cause inflammation like milk and whole wheat.

Get some gentle exercise like walking or tai-chi.

If you are sufferng from joint pain, the worst thing you can do is lay around and let your joints stiffen and your muscles atrophy.


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