family dance kitchen

Making Home Your Happy Place

  No matter what we dreamed about being professionally, we all had a similar dream about what our home life would be like… We dreamed of a clean, cozy and comfortable home where the sounds of happy laughter greet you and the smells of a delicious dinner are drifting through the air. but… How in…

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summer over

Back to ???


Here it is – August. Life feels surreal. Summer has almost passed us by.

School is starting soon, but we still don’t really know what that is going to look like. How the heck are we supposed to plan our life?

We don’t know what life is going to look like. But we do have to do our best to hold it together…

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March into Spring

To me, this is when the new year starts. The trees are budding, the weather is getting a little warmer, and things are starting to come back to life – including us! This is when we start feeling motivated. When we start feeling like there is something good to look forward to… But there is…

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Love fruit

Loving Yourself

  February is the month of love. In recent years it has also been tied to heart health. Romance aside – You can love your home… You can love good food. .. You can love your body… And you should! Its all part of total well-being. And here is where you’ll find all the tools…

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