cute, comfortable shoes

Finally! Cute, Comfortable Shoes

Every summer I go thru the same struggle- trying to find cute, comfortable slip on shoes. I’ve tried the Sketchers. To me, they are not that comfortable, and I really wanted something that didn’t look like gym shoes. I really dislike all the clunky looking shoes. Don’t talk to me about Birkenstock. I think they…

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Happy Independence Day!

Its all about freedom. So, why not be free? You don’t need recipes today. Watermelon Corn on the cob Salad Some kind of chicken or steak or something on the grill… Done and delicious! Whatever you do today, be safe and have fun! Free yourself from housecleaning struggles…

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Summer Dinners easy as 1-2-3

Its summer. Who wants to spend time in the kitchen cooking? I sure don’t! I probably won’t turn my oven on until September. Fortunately, summer eating is easy. Here are some ideas that will make endless combinations in little time, and without heating up the kitchen. Summer Dinners, 1-2-3. Choose 1 from each category. 1….

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