Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Meal Ideas

Cinco de Mayo is in a few days. Are you looking for some easy meal ideas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? My favorite easy go-to Mexican recipes are – Sante fe Chicken Skillet Creative Chicken Wraps Chicken Fajitas Of course, there are many more great Mexican recipes to choose from… Add margaritas and you’re good…

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fried eggs

How to cook eggs

How are you at cooking eggs? I’m ok with scrambled, over hard, omelets, … But when it comes to runny yolks, I fail. I figure I’m probably not alone. That’s why I’m sharing this video with you. This is a new cooking series. This particular episode is everything about cooking eggs. From sunny side up…

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Suya Spice Mix



This is an African seasoning. This recipe uses powdered peamut butter, which makes it much easier. Over the years, I lost my African Chicken recipe, so I was excited to find this. Maybe some day I will be able to recreate the dish. I remember that it had plaintains, sweet potatoes, peanuts, and I think coconut. I’ve never been able to find such a recipe anywhere 🙁

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