grilled vegetable kabobs

Eat Yourself Thin

Have you ever heard the term Negative Calorie Foods?  Negative Calorie Foods take more calories to eat and digest than they contain. You can stuff yourself with as much of these foods as you can humanly stand, and still lose weight! Here’s a whole bunch of them – Broccoli   Cabbage   Carrot   Cauliflower   Celery   Chili Peppers…

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Sensibility and Losing Weight


Every day I get emails about some NEW way to lose weight. The newest ones claim that you don’t have to give up the foods you love.

Now, if you happen to love Hamburger Helper, McDonalds Fries, Doritos, and pop (did I cover the biggest unhealthy favorites?) to say that you can eat these every other day is just ridiculous, don’t you think? But that’s the kinds of deceptions these ads feed you.

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The first step to losing weight – or reaching any goal for that matter


So many people are out looking for some crazy diet where you can lose 100 pounds fast, and then go back to eating the way they were eating before. That makes no sense!

But changing your eating habits is probably one of the hardest things to do. It not only requires changing your mind about the foods you like to eat, but you also have to change your eating habits. Do you come home from work too tired to cook? Is there nothing ready to cook when you come home?

Here’s the thing. Life happens to us all. I don’t know anyone who is not retired that has enough time. Everyone is too busy.

So how do some people reach their goals, and most people can’t?

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