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Eat Yourself Thin

Have you ever heard the term Negative Calorie Foods?  Negative Calorie Foods take more calories to eat and digest than they contain. You can stuff yourself with as much of these foods as you can humanly stand, and still lose weight! Here’s a whole bunch of them – Broccoli   Cabbage   Carrot   Cauliflower   Celery   Chili Peppers…

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Did you know that Watermelon is a fruit AND a vegetable? Its a member of the gourd family. Watermelon is high in Vitamin C (1 cup gives you 25% of your daily vitamin C) , Vitamin A, potassium and carotenoids, low in calories. High water content, but it’s a diuretic- helps your body remove excess…

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Camouflage is OK


You’ll come across all kinds of healthy eating nuts that believe that you should eat all
of your vegetables raw and plain. Salad dressing, butter and salt are all big no-no’s
for these extremists. I have some bad news for them. You need some fats for your
body to absorb all of the nutrients in the vegetables you’re eating. So There!

And here’s another newsflash –

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How I really stay fit

    When you think of someone thin and fit, you assume that they spend a lot of time working out, right? Before my daughter was born, I went to the gym 3 times a week, but then… well, you know! Who has time for that? The truth is, the people who are the fittest…

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