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Storm Preparedness

  We never really think about it… until the power goes out If you plan on riding out the storm at home and have not been asked to evacuate, make sure you are prepared to lose power and be stuck at home for several days. There are things you can have on hand that will…

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Home Maintenance Checklist   Things to check once a year _____ Roof, flashings _____ Gutters _____ Foundation _____ Downspouts _____ Window/Door caulk and seals _____ Basement walls _____ Sump pump _____ Dryer vents and hoses _____ Water hoses _____ Furnace filter _____ Furnace inspection _____ Fireplace and chimney _____ Refridgerator coils _____ Refridgerator filters _____ Exhaust filter…

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4. Clean Your Bathrooms like a pro

  Clean light fixtures first while they are off and still cool. Feather dust first. If needed, use a only slightly damp rag, or a paper towel sprayed with glass cleaner. Bulbs will break or explode easily if you clean them when they are hot, not to mention the possibility of getting burned. Feather dust…

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