Spring Cleaning – Task #1

Have you thought about spring cleaning?

Whoever thought it was a good idea to start cleaning when it gets nice out and we can finally get outside?

I like to start now when we’re stuck inside and bored anyway… And this year I’m going to do things a little differently. Instead of giving the the big overwhelming spring cleaning list- I’m going to give you just one task at a time.

Instead of waiting and trying to eat that elephant in one sitting, you can start now and eat it one bite at a time. That way, when spring does finally come, you are ready to get outside!

Start with a cobweb check and take a good look at each room. Use an extended duster, or your vacuum attachments to go around and get rid of any cobwebs and such. This week’s task is…

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How to Clean a Mattress

  The question of how to clean a mattress comes up fairly often, especially when you’re expecting out of town visitors. Remember that a mattress is a piece of upholstery – except that it catches and holds unpleasant things like dust mites, dead skin, and odors. If you’ve never had a Kirby demonstration in your…

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How to Have a Clean House And a Life!

  Did your mom teach you how to clean house? I’ll bet if she did, it was probably the old weekly marathon event. Remember that? Every Saturday morning… Wasn’t that awful?  But that’s what Mom knew. The ritual began with picking up, sorting laundry, throwing laundry in, scrubbing (and I mean really scrubbing) the bathrooms,…

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Daily Cleaning Checklist


Want to keep your house cleaning under control? Do a nightly mini clean. Doing these simple tasks every day will cut your major cleaning down to hardly anything.

Print this checklist out to follow until this becomes habit.

It really only takes a few minutes, especially when you do it every day.

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