Carole’s Chili

This is an easy to throw together recipe, and it’s a great one to throw together and let simmer a little the night before so you have dinner ready when you come home from a cold busy day. Like spaghetti, it tastes better the next day.

Just heat it up on the stove instead of the microwave. It tastes better.

Carole’s Chili

1 lb. 85% ground beef, browned and drained

1 14.5 oz. can petite diced tomatoes – not seasoned*

2 6 oz. can tomato paste, plus 2 cans water

2 cans dark red kidney beans – not seasoned**

2 teaspoons garlic powder

2 teaspoons chili powder

1 teaspoon red pepper

¼ teaspoon cumin

Optional – small diced onions or green pepper

Mix it all together, mixing very well. Bring to just boiling. Lower heat to very low. Cover and simmer for at least ½ hour. (Told you it was easy.) Take cover off and let it sit for a few minutes to thicken.

Tastes better the next day.

Optional toppings – grated cheese, diced onion, oyster crackers

Serve with tossed salad and warm French bread. Use any leftovers to make chili dogs topped with grated cheddar cheese – Yum!

*If you prefer no tomato chunks, used crushed tomatoes. They only come in 28 oz. cans, but you can freeze the other half for next time.

**To cut gasiness, drain and rinse the beans.

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