Cancer – What I chose to do

After writing about eating healthier and living a healthy lifestyle for years, imagine my surprise when I was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.

Lung cancer I could understand. I’ve never been able to quit smoking. But colon cancer?

The doctor said the only thing I did wrong was not getting my colonoscopy so they could have dealt with it when it was still polyps. Take that to heart. If you have any changes, make sure to tell your doctor.

I took a hard look at the track record of alternative treatments. Steve Jobs gambled and lost. Farah Faucett did have radiation. I was already stage IV. If I hadn’t been blocked, who knows how long it would have been until I got too sick to save.

I had surgery to remove the block in my colon. That was a must Then there was the tumors on my liver to deal with.

I chose to do what the doctors told me to do. I went through 8 cycles of chemo.  But I also did a lot of extra stuff.

In the beginning, I tried the essiac tea. It did seem to make me feel better for about 90 days. Then it didn’t. So I stopped that.

I had a friend that make me Rick Simpson oil. I did that for a couple of weeks before the PET scan. While it did make me feel a little better, it did not seem to do anything for the cancer.

The oil is expensive and very time consuming to make. He did make me one more batch, but that was the end of that. While medical marijuana is legal here, you have to pay to go to a doctor that prescribes it. Insurance most likely won’t cover that. Then the product itself is expensive. Wasn’t an option for me at the time.

One of the most helpful sites is  At that site they discuss all kinds of alternative treatments and supplements. They also try to convince you to come out with all guns blazing. Attack on every level you can!

You have to go through and pick what you can live with. I can’t do fresh vegetable juice every couple of hours, alternating with coffee enemas… Plus, I was already thin. I needed bulk and lots of calories.

I did gain a lot of valuable information that allowed me to pick the supplementation I chose to use.

My biggest problem was sugar. I have a horrible sweet tooth!

Cancer feeds on glucose. That’s why they give you radioactive glucose for the PET Scan. The cancer cells light up like Christmas trees!

I fought with the oncologist, the nutritionist, my daughter… They all said I was being foolish. That you need some sugar.

My CEA numbers were dropping so fast, they stopped harassing me. The chemo center switched from Ensure to Glycerna. The American Cancer Society cookbook disappeared. I was astonished that almost every recipe contained glucose. I was livid! They also removed all of the snack foods. I consider that a victory!

There were also supplements I was taking –

MSM – 1000 mg.

D-Ribose – Life Extension

Vitamin C – 1000 mg. Ascorbic acid

Tumeric w/ pepperline for absorption

Vitamin D – 1000 mg. on sunny days, 2000 mg. on cloudy days

Boswellia – 600 mg. ( I take in the morning. Later it affects my sleep)

CoQ10, ubiqunone, 100 mg.

Omega 3

B6 for the neuropathy

My CBD and nutrition levels stayed good throughout. The nurses always acted amazed.

Now, every cancer is different, and every person is different. What worked for me may not work for you. I was strong going in and continued to eat healthy and tried to stay as active as I could.

Important – The recommendations for breast cancer are to not take any antioxidants. See Breast Cancer

Really spend your time researching. Reach out if you think I can help you find something.








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