Beginning Weight Loss Tips



There are basic principles that are the corner stone of living a thin lifestyle. It’s not just what you eat, but how you eat – and how you think about what you eat. Here are some tips to get you on the right track –


  1. Do not serve bread as a side dish. OK, once in a while a French or Italian bread with olive oil and parmesan cheese is a yummy and healthy side dish. Once in a while. I’ve never met a skinny bread lover.

  2. Push away the breadbasket when you’re eating out. You didn’t go out to eat bread, did you?

  3. Pick baked potato over French fries. Even Better- Many places now offer fruit instead.

  4. Make your meals interesting – colorful and filled with different flavors.

  5. Make your own fresh food as much as possible. Then you know what’s in it! It won’t be filled with sugars and chemicals. (that’s really whats keeping you fat.)

  6. Multi grain cereal and whole wheat bread will make you feel full longer, and help keep fats and toxins cleaned out of your system. But like bread, eat these sparingly.

  7. Alcohol and soda pop are two diet killers. Give them up and you will see a difference faster. A can of soda a day adds up to 10 pounds in a year. Yes, I know an alcoholic drink a day is healthy, but it’s also fattening! One drink per day for women, men can have 2. Red Wine is the healthiest choice.

  8. When you want to snack, and you know you shouldn’t, drink a glass of water or juice and wait 15 minutes. You may have been dehydrated. If you’re still hungry, grab fruits or vegetables or nuts. A half sandwich and a piece of fruit will usually do the trick.

  9. Snacking is a good habit, if it’s a healthy snack. Eating throughout the day trains your body to burn calories more efficiently.

  10.  Eat your vegetables first. Then you won’t eat as much of the ‘bad’ stuff.

  11.  Slow down. Taste your food. Savor it. You’ll eat less and enjoy it more and your body will be able to digest it better.

  12.  Become a food snob. If you don’t like it – don’t eat it.

  13.  Turn off the TV. Not only is it sedentary, but it is the breeding ground for mindless eating.

  14.  When eating cookies, potato chips and such, take a portion out of the bag and put on a small plate. You’ll be less likely to eat the whole bag in one sitting.

  15. I even portion out dinner. I make the plates at the stove and serve it up. Saves on dishes and if you want seconds, you have to get up and get them. Cuts down on mindless eating.

  16.  Join a group, take a class, become active in volunteering or in your religious activities. The activity and social interaction will keep you too busy to be sitting around overeating.

  17.  Get enough sleep. When you’re tired you’re more likely to overeat to make up for the loss of energy – and of course, the stuff you grab to eat are usually bad carbs.

  18.  Keep an affirmation in plain view on the fridge. Something like – “I am thin, healthy and full of energy.” Or “I am so thin and sexy today.” Say it out loud every day. 

  19.  Eat in front of a mirror. Observe yourself eating. See what other people see.

  20.  Put lotion on every inch of you everyday when you get out of the shower to help minimize stretch marks. Start doing it today. Just the act of doing it sends a powerful psychological signal to your brain. You are worth it!

  21.  Learn to enjoy eating good food – say no to food that doesn’t taste good and doesn’t do anything good for you.

Love yourself enough to not be willing to eat foods that will make you look and feel bad.

Your body is a temple. Treat it that way!



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