grilled vegetable kabobs

Eat Yourself Thin

Have you ever heard the term Negative Calorie Foods?  Negative Calorie Foods take more calories to eat and digest than they contain. You can stuff yourself with as much of these foods as you can humanly stand, and still lose weight! Here’s a whole bunch of them – Broccoli   Cabbage   Carrot   Cauliflower   Celery   Chili Peppers…

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Summer Dinners easy as 1-2-3

Its summer. Who wants to spend time in the kitchen cooking? I sure don’t! I probably won’t turn my oven on until September. Fortunately, summer eating is easy. Here are some ideas that will make endless combinations in little time, and without heating up the kitchen. Summer Dinners, 1-2-3. Choose 1 from each category. 1….

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