Are Your Kids Eating Like Lab Rats?

lab rat dinner


I know, sometimes we feel like our kids are aliens. What do you think would happen to them if you started feeding them like human beings instead of lab rats?

They’ll sleep better, and wake up easier.

They’ll have a better attention span.

They’ll have fewer behavior problems.

They’ll get better grades.

They’ll have more confidence.

They won’t have to deal with fat jokes.

They won’t be getting sick all of the time and bringing home every disease known to man. (feels like that sometimes, doesn’t it?)

Imagine a life with fewer behavior problems, fewer outbursts, temper tantrums, arguements, sick days and trips to doctor’s offices. I didn’t have time for all that nonsense when raising my daughter as a single mom. Do you?  

You are what you eat…

Feed them real food not made in the lab.



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