Are you focusing on the wrong things?

chicken tacos


Remember that changing to a thin and healthy lifestyle is more a change of attitude than anything else.

Like when you plan your meals.

When we plan a meal, we tend to focus on the main food –

For breakfast – waffles, pancakes, cereal…

For lunch – sandwich, hamburger, sometimes salads…

For dinner – steak, pork chops, chicken, spaghetti..

But most of the time, the fruits and vegetables are an after-thought, or forgotten altogether.

Getting in the habit of eating fruits and vegetables is the cornerstone of your new thin and healthy lifestyle. Plan your fruits and vegetables for the day with as much importance (or more) as you give the ‘main courses’.

At a minimum, can you grab a glass of orange juice at breakfast?

A banana or grapes or cherries at snack time?

Can you make sure to have at least fresh lettuce and tomato on your sandwich at lunch?

Can you get in another glass of juice somewhere? Maybe a piece of fruit?

Can you get at least 2 servings of vegetables at dinner? A good salad (not iceberg) topped with more of your favorite veggies will do that easily.

Stop focusing on all the things you think you can’t have.

Start focusing on how you’re going to eat enough of the good stuff everyday first. You know – the stuff that will keep you thin, healthy, and full of energy.

Planning on ordering a pizza for dinner?

Make a salad while you wait.

Planning Dinner?

Make sure to plan one or two vegetables. An old fashioned balanced dinner used to be meat (or poultry or fish), a vegetable, and a side.

Having pancakes for breakfast?

How about some strawberries and banana with them?

Having a sandwich for lunch?

Add some lettuce and tomato, and maybe a piece of fruit on the side.


Go European and have cheese and fruit, or add fruit to a little yogurt or ice cream.

See how easy this can be?

Eat well! You’ll love the results – I promise!



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