Aloha Salad

This is like a party in your mouth. It has all sorts of flavors that make it satisfying. You don’t even need dressing. Its fun, sweet, munchy, and full of nutrients. This recipe makes a party sized salad – but you certainly can throw together a lunch version.

3 cans chow mein noodles — large cans

3 cups celery — diced

10 green onions — sliced

16 ounces pineapple chunks in juice — drained

2 cups cheddar cheese — shredded

1 cup toasted almonds — slivered

1 1/2 cups toasted coconut

1 cup black olives – chopped

Your favorite dark green lettuce or baby spinach


Toss all ingredients in a large bowl, or place ingredients in small serving bowls and let everyone make their own creations.

If you think it needs dressing, try the Honey Lime Dressing.

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