Allergies – Stop Suffering

Aren’t you sick of allergies kicking your butt for months every year? I used to suffer horribly from April thru first frost.

You think allergies are something you just have to live with? You don’t. The secret is to maintain a strong immune system. Besides your normal healthy diet, here are a few tweaks you can make during allergy season –

Eat at constant intervals throughout the day to keep blood sugar levels even.

Add more vegetables and whole grains to help maintain blood sugar levels and remove toxins.

Severely reduce sugar.

Increase water

Eat berries, citrus fruits, pineapple

Drink black tea, green tea, red wine, water with fresh lemon

Take Vitamin C every day.

Life is so much better without allergies. Bear in mind that you won’t get rid of them overnight. It takes a good 6 months to build your immune system up. Make a healthier lifestyle your way of life and stop suffering!



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