A morning routine that makes sense

making a list

We always hear that in the morning we should-

  • Get up early,
  • Drink water,
  • Meditate,
  • Plan your day,
  • Work out,
  • Eat,
  • Get to work…

This multi-millionaire is called “the most disciplined’, and in this video he blows some of that out of the water. No one routine works for everyone. Try some of the changes he suggests and see how it works for you.

I’ve naturally followed these principles to some extent. It doesn’t work perfectly when you’re a working mom, but there are things here that will make your life a little easier.

And don’t forget that life is constantly changing.

Your kids don’t need your help getting dressed forever. As the years go by, those demands are your time lessen.

Work schedules change.

Health changes.

The only constant in life is change. You have to be able to change with it.

My season in life is different than yours. What works for me now didn’t work for me then.

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I preach about cleaning your kitchen at night so you get up to a clean kitchen ready to go. This gives you a posisitive start to the day. You get extra points if you do a quick wipe down of the bathroom.

But as Craig points out, you should also make your to-do list at night as well so you get off to a good start right away without wandering around deciding what you need to do.

The point Craig is making is take the principles and make them work for you the best you can. Don’t feel like you have to fit into some sort of mold.

Here’s to your better days!

Perfect Day Formula by Craig Ballantyne (affiliate link)

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