A Clean House Isn’t Important?

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I read this kind of statement so often. They say its more important to spend time with your kids than spending your time cleaning house.

On the surface, that would seem to be true.

So, what can be wrong with letting your home go?

Its bad for your mental health.

No one feels good in a messy and dirty home. Its a constant low level stress hum. You know darned well that it isn’t supposed to be this way.

You feel bad about yourself because you know it should be cleaned.

Your kids roll their eyes when you tell them to clean their room. Why should they when you don’t? You’ve already taught them that its not important.

You don’t have people over because you’re embarrassed.

People who have seen your home talk about what a slob you are.

Parents don’t want their kids to hang out there.

Your kids are too embarrassed to bring their friends there, or the ones that do come over are troublesome.

No one in the home is motivated to do their best.

There is usually a lot of yelling and screaming in messier homes. Its that constant low hum of underlying stress and anxiety.

More and more research has been done on the effects of environment on mental health. But really, its just common sense.

You feel better when your home is clean.

There’s less stress.

You feel more pride.

You are more motivated to get out from behind the screens you’ve been hiding behind and live life.

You’re more likely to eat healthier.

You’re more likely to be more social.

You’re nicer to be around.

You are being a good example for your kids. (And sometimes family and friends too.)

Just keeping a clean home can make you feel calm, confident, and more in control of your life.

How’s that for some cheap therapy?

Here’s the easiest way to keep your home clean without killing yourself…

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