7 Ways to Deal With Low Motivation

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When you are in the valley, keep your goal firmly in view and you will get the renewed energy to continue the climb.”

Dennis Waitley


Motivation, quite simply, is what makes you want to get up in the morning and what keeps you going all day.

It is your drive, your purpose, your desire or your inspiration.

 Motivation fuels your self-confidence – it helps you get the things you want in life so that you can live the life you want.

 When you are motivated to do the things that help you feel self-actualized (your highest expression of yourself), you are at your best.  When you are operating at the peak of your awareness and your potential, the energy is amazing!

 But what happens when our energy is low because it is being diverted away from its highest expression?

 No one can strive for self-actualization when s/he has to meet lesser needs first.

 If you are having financial difficulties, health issues, relationship issues or too many competing demands, your motivation will not be available for higher level pursuits.

 This is not the time to give up on or postpone your goals.  It is a time to recommit to them.  Times of crises make people more open to change.

 Here are some things to do in times of low motivation:

 1.  Break down your goals into very small increments and implement each small step at a pace with which you are comfortable

2.  Write the goals down so you can see them

3.  Acknowledge the things you do accomplish, no matter how small

4.  Read or listen to something inspirational – motivational themes are good too, but I believe that getting inspired is more useful.  Sometimes purely motivational writings or audios can be overwhelming when your motivation is low

5.  Seek support – reach out to people who can listen and give you genuine feedback

6.  Be gentle with yourself – everyone goes through down periods and being critical of yourself will only prolong the down times

7.  Do something completely fun to bring up your energy level

About the author – As CEO and founder of Vivacity and creator of the Boost Your Self Confidence in 90 Days Program, Kate Sanner helps women develop the self-confidence they need to take their dreams out into reality and into the marketplace and create the lives they desire.   She is also a podcaster, the creator and producer of The Voices of Women Project: An Audio Anthology, radio show host and owner of an internet radio station, Vivacity Radio(TM)…Internet Talk Radio for Women.   She is also a blogger, a columnist and an Ezine publisher.

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