3 simple tips for a kitchen that stays clean


Here are 3 simple tips to help keep your kitchen from turning into a nightmare…

1. Wash all of the dishes every night and wipe down the stove and counters. Nothing is more depressing than getting up to a sink full of smelly dishes in the morning. A clean kitchen will make your day a little brighter. And when you get home, you’ll be more inclined to cook. You’ll save money, lose weight, and be healthier and happier. Sounds corny, but its true.

2. Always wipe down the stove every time you cook. Its much easier to clean when its fresh. If you wait, stuff get built up and burned. Take 2 minutes now, or an hour scrubbing later. Easy choice, right?

3. Every night, pick one little extra task and spend 2 minutes. Clean the microwave, or wipe down the fridge, or the cabinets, or the garbage can, or wipe behind all the stuff on the counters.

It sounds too simple, doesn’t it?  But when you practice these little habits, your kitchen will stay clean.



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