2. Clean Bedrooms/Offices like a pro


You should be making your bed every morning, and train your kids to do the same. It immediately makes the room look cleaner.


Make sure that clean laundry is put away, and dirty laundry is in hampers.


Keeping your stuff put away is the biggest part of the battle for many.


Cleaning is the same as living rooms…


– Feather dust ceiling fans first!

– Check and remove webs from the ceilings and upper corners.

– Feather dust the window blinds and curtains.

– Feather dust all of your silk arrangements.

– The light shades and the light bulbs should be dusted off with the feather duster.

– All window ledges should wiped.

– Clean any window spots as needed.

– Feather dust all artwork on the walls.

– Glass clean glass and mirrors.

– Dust figurines, books, etc. and furniture

– Don’t forget headboard and footboard, all the way down to the floor.

– Vacuum, adding occasionally vacuuming under bed and into closets.

– Empty waste cans.


Remember, all electronic screens should never have anything sprayed on them. Again, make sure to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Cool – moving on…



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