16 tips for taking great care of your skin



Dry, cracked, scaly skin? Here are some healthy habits that will help protect your skin –


1. Remove sodium, sugars, chemicals from your diet

2. Increase water, fruits and vegetables, fish

3. Eat more skin loving foods (link)

4. Get more skin loving nutrients Vitamin A, C, E, Omega 3s,

5. Get enough sleep.

6. Wear gloves, even if its 40 degrees. Wear gloves when working outside.

You should wear gloves every time you have your hands in water with cleaning solvents of any kind. (I know, I know…I don’t either.)

7. Put lotion on every time you wash your hands, unless you are cooking.

8. Put lotion on before you go outside.

9. Wear makeup. When its cold out, makeup gives you an extra layer of protection. When its warm out, most makeups now have sunscreen.

10. Use moisturizers appropriate for your age and skin type.

11. Put lotion on your entire body every time you shower. Don’t forget your feet!

12. In the shower, use gentle moisturizing cleansers. My favorite at the moment is Suave Naturals – Ocean Breeze. It must be the Ocean Breeze. None of the other scents give the same skin loving results, and the scent is barely there so it won’t affect your fragrences.

13. I use coconut oil to heal cuts and cracked skin. I used it a lot on my hands and feet over the winter. My daughter said it worked great for her too. I used it on problem spots on my dog. Very useful stuff. Great for cooking chicken, and rumor has it that it may help Alzheimer’s.

14. Be careful not to get oils around your eyes or you will wake up with puffy eyes. The skin around your eyes does not have pores. Oils seep into the sensitive membranes. Use products specially formulated for the skin around your eyes. Be careful though, as many of the tightening creams cannot be used on the upper eye. Read those labels!

15. Gently exfoliate everywhere except eyelids and under eyes. Don’t forget hands and feet!

16. Get some sun, but not too much. Sun exposure in moderation is good for you. It helps your body produce much needed Vitamin D, and its relaxing and soothing. But, like many things, it should not be overdone. You should never burn. Sunburn means that you have overcooked. A healthy glow is just right. 

Even in the winter, try to get some sun whenever you can. It makes you feel so much better!



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