Homemaking for working women

Simplify your home life

You get home from work ready to relax, but instead you’re faced with a mess, and dinner to be made, and kids and partner that want your attention, and, and, and…

And when you get a day off, its spent catching up on all the things you didn’t get done.

Hi! I’m Carole.

I remember those days. I was a working single mom, a clean freak, and a food snob. Try that combination without losing your mind!

My goal was to have a clean house, great meals on the table, and weekends free. And I did it. I’m gonna help you do it too!

I developed a cleaning schedule applying what I learned from my sister who has a cleaning business.

We don’t have the time, or the energy to spend hours in the kitchen. I figured out how to modernize old recipes and make them faster and easier – most on the table in about 30 minutes.

We need everyone in our home to have health and energy to live our best lives. There’s tons of health and nutrition info to keep everyone healthy and full of energy.

And there is so much more… There’s over 50 years of experience as a working mom and homemaker here. Most homemaking sites are for the stay at home moms, ignoring the fact that most of us work.

I suggest going thru the site tour to see what all is here.

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  1. I am one person. I do not have a staff. I’m good at homemaking. Not good at tech. Cut me some slack.
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