New free screening of a movie everyone needs to watch

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English: A boy with autism.

English: A boy with autism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the last few years, people are starting to question GMOs and vaccines. Common Sense tells us that there is something fundamentally wrong when we have such increases in obesity, cancer, diabetes, autism, and allergies. 

This week there is a free screening of a new documentary – Bought

It talks about things that have happened since the rise of GMOs, cases of vaccine injury, the co mingling of government and industry in favor of profits, the manipulation of data, and so much more. I think everyone should watch it so they have the knowledge to base their choices on what they feel is right for them.

Since it is a free screening – I do have to send you through their page. I cannot just post the movie for you. Sorry. Go here to watch the free screening of Bought.

Some of my favorite quotes –

They have to tell you exactly what is in the pants you are wearing. If I know whats in my pants, I want to know what is in my food.

Do you risk your life to prevent a disease that is over in a week?

You’ll have to let me know what some of your favorite or most thought provoking lines were.

Great course on eating real food


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