Never let your daughter go to the doctor alone

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This has been a terrifying subject for me. We all want to think that our daughters will remain virgins until they get married, and you’ll never need to consider birth control, right? We wish…

But at some point the issue comes up, like it or not. My daughter was put on birth control to help monthly issues. She still doesn’t need it for it’s intended purpose, (at least last I heard.)

But now you can get all these designer varieties that will stop you from getting your periods for 3 months, 6 months, a year…

I expressed my thoughts. Even though the long term consequences are not known yet, I feel it has to be dangerous to mess with your body that way. My daughter responds, “Oh, you can just get the cancer shot.”


NO, NO, NO, Absolutely Not! (Stomping my foot…)

When she wanted to know what was wrong with it, all I could come up with at the time was if you have to have a vaccine to protect you from something you shouldn’t be doing in the first place, then maybe you need to look at the first thing that’s causing this risk. If they didn’t think that these birth control options were dangerous, then they wouldn’t be suggesting a vaccine to protect you, now would they?

And logically, what could that do to your system? Will you be able to have kids when you decide you want to? To me, the risks far outweigh the ‘benefits’.

I didn’t have anything scientific to go on, it was just a gut reaction, you know? But since health, wellness, and taking care of your body has always been a priority around here – she listened. And she fought back when her step mother said she should get the shot. 

Today I stumbled across some validation –



You have to use some common sense and plain old logic to protect yourself these days. Common sense told me that this was a BAD idea.

You can’t rely on pills to protect you from what you shouldn’t be doing in the first place. If you’re over weight, it’s your diet and exercise. A pill isn’t going to save you. It’s only going to add more side effects. The same goes for your high blood pressure, diabetes, and the risk of many other disease that you could easily prevent.

There’s all kinds of information being thrown at you every day – and some from people you trust, like your doctor for instance. It’s really hard to know who to believe.

But one thing you DO know for sure – A healthy diet won’t kill you, and logically, it can only help, right?

If I can’t find a natural solution to a problem, then I’ll go to the doctor. So far I’m winning.

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