Need to read my own books

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I’ve been working hard on the official launch party for And I’ve let some things go. And I know better! At least I should, right?

And it’s been stupid stuff like not rinsing out the colander after draining the pasta. Pasta residue is like cement when it dries! I was kicking myself.

I ran into the grocery store hungry and without a list. I bought things I didn’t need, and forgot one of the things I did need.

There were a couple nights I worked until I was passing out, so I skipped a shower. Now the sheets stink.

And I still have all the stuff that didn’t sell at the garage sale to haul over and donate.

It’s all just lttle stupid things that you wouldn’t think matter much, but in the long run they sure add up!

Key point here – the next time you are tempted to shove soething aside because it woudl take you an extra 30 seconds – DON”T.

You can pay now, or you can pay later. It always cost more to pay later, doesn’t it?

I’m off to get my life back on track. And maybe review some of my own courses! My friend Linda always used to rib me saying “physician, heal theyself.” Gosh I miss her.

But we’ll all be making new friends at the club. See you over there!



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