Need to be more assertive?

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Bully Advance Screening Hosted by First Lady K...

Bully Advance Screening Hosted by First Lady Katie O’Malley (Photo credit: MDGovpics)

I’ve just heard about a new set of videos on assertiveness that a colleague of mine has created.  So, I just signed up (for free) and watched it. Turns out, the first video is pretty good.

This guy is hugely experienced in helping people who hate confrontation, so if you could do with some help in that area, I strongly recommend signing up to see the free video series on assertiveness 
In it, he talks about some of the ideas he developed in his 20 years as a therapist and psychology trainer.
For example:
  1. What’s really behind a lack of assertiveness
  2. How to stop guilt-trippers in their tracks
  3. How to get bullies and manipulators off your back.

I hope you find this video useful – please let me know what you think!

 Here’s the link for the videos to sign up to see the videos –

I’ll let you know how tomorrow’s video is.
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