National Watermelon Day!

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watermelon slicesLike we needed a special day to enjoy this summer treat, right? But there it is – August 3rd is National Watermelon Day.

But there’s more to watermelon that you realize …

  • Watermelon is high in Vitamin C (1 cup gives you 25% of your daily vitamin C), Vitamin A, potassium and carotenoids
  • Watermelon is low in calories.
  • It has high water content, but it’s a diuretic- helps your body remove excess fluids.
  • Helps relieve constipation.
  • Has 60% more lycopene than tomatoes, helping you keep a healthy heart – and you don’t have to cook it to release the lycopene like you do tomatoes. Lycopene is also toxic to cancer cells.
  • Watermelon helps you keep cool and avoid heatstroke in hot summer weather.
  • Melons also contain silicon – which stimulates collagen production for healthy bones and great looking skin.

An it just plain tastes good!

It goes great with summer meals.

It’s great for a cool snack.

It’s easy to get your family to eat this nutritious treat.

Eat up!

One thing – watermelon is high in sugar. If you are on a diabetic or cancer diet, you might want to limit your intake of watermelon. Have just a piece or two.


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