The myth of living a life of ease and flow

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People think that living a life of ease and flow means doing as little as possible.

If you’ve tried that strategy, you know its a lie.

The secret to living a life of ease and flow is working smarter. Making sure everything that needs to be done is done.

I’m always asking myself, “What can I do to make my life easier today?”

I know for me that the hardest part of the day is when you first get home.

The dog needs to go out.

Dinner needs to be made.

I don’t have the homework, baths, and all that anymore. I did my time there….

And all you really want to do is sit and chill out a little.

Having a plan for dinner makes my life flow easier.

Cleaning the kitchen at night makes my life in the morning flow easier.

Making sure you have everything you need for work, or a meeting make life flow easier…

Life doesn’t just magically get easier – Sorry. You have to consciously make it easier.

So, what can you do to make your life easier today?

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