My Recent Trip To Target

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I never go to Target. Just never really liked that store. But, it is the only store that carries my favorite eye cream.

The No.7 line is inexpensive and works. It’s made by Boots. I think they’re out of the U.K.

Just a tip. None of the creams work well by themselves. You have to add a healthy diet and enough sleep. I’m working on the enough sleep part…

But I did wander around the new food section. I found Pure Protein bars, which were the only bars to have Whey protein. Everything else had soy protein.

I also found a wealth of bars to put in my lunches for snacks. They had some fruit bars I was going to try, but then I spotted the dark chocolate and cherry 7 grain granola bars. Yum!

Its so hard finding something healthier to go into lunches.

Plus, I made oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip and cranberry cookies over the weekend. Those are really good! 2 of those cookies are a meal 😉

I guess Target is going to have to be on my list of errands at least for lunch snacks.

Do you like Target?

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2 thoughts on “My Recent Trip To Target

  1. Debbie

    I don’t go that often, there’s not one in my hometown. But since you have found some good nutritious snacks there, I think I will give it a try!

  2. Fiona

    Hi Carole! I LOVE No.7 products, and I get them in the UK when I head home for the summer. They have a great new skincare range now, haven’t they?
    I can get lost for hours when I go to Boots in the UK!
    By the way Carole, I am not receiving updates at all, and wonder if you could possibly unsubscribe me and then I can resubscribe. You are already on my safe senders list.
    Thanks Carole,
    Have a great day,

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