My Recent Health Scare


You know, sometimes I worry about sounding like some kind of wacko. In any event, here’s what happened…


For some reason, I was experiencing some weird things with my eyes. Now, if I was any sort of normal person, I would just go to the eye doctor. But I’m not. OK?


It was bad enough that I was thinking it was time to pick up the phone – but I never like to go without being informed. So I did a search to try to find out what was happening.


I have had floaters on and off for many years, but they had increased quite a bit. And I had this strange pain every once in a while on the outer edges of my eyeballs – and it was both eyeballs. I did experience a little bit of what they called flashing in the right eye.


So as I read, I became more convinced that I had better get to the doctor. The condition could lead to a detached retina. But then one article said that many cases are just watched and heal themselves in a couple of weeks.


I took out my copy of High Energy Eating to look up what to eat for eyes and made sure to beef up my diet. Yeah, I really do use the information myself!


In addition, there is one juice that seems to work miracles, and I hadn’t been drinking it lately.


It’s used to treat kidney infections.


People drink it to stop leg cramps.


It removes plaque from your teeth, and your arteries.


I’ve used it to survive toothaches.


It’s cranberry juice. It has the highest amount of antioxidants of any fruit.


I told myself that if my condition got any worse, or it hadn’t improved in a few days, I was definitely going to the doctor.


But here I am, 24 hours later – and my eyes are significantly better.


Now I’m not saying that you should avoid going to the doctor like I do. Even I have to admit that’s a little crazy. But it goes to show you that with the right information – you can solve a lot of your health problems right in your kitchen.


To your good health!


1 thought on “My Recent Health Scare

  1. Diane

    Way cool! Yeah a trip to the eye doctor, just for a checkup, is probably in order, but this is terrific information. I knew some of the “reasons” for cranberry juice, but you got me on ones I’d never heard of before 🙂

    Great advice!

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