My house lost weight

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I have been on a mission lately – get rid of stuff!

Part of the motivation has been The Clutter Diet  One of Lorie’s articles in particular really gave a voice to how I was feeling. In the article It’s So Me!, she talks about phases we go through in life, and how hanging on to old stuff keep us from moving forward.  Even the pajama reference fits. My sleepwear is no longer me. There’s so much stuff that I’ve held onto that just doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

My daughter is much better at dumping stuff. I attach more meaning to the stuff than she does. It breaks my heart to see some of the things that go into the pile. Sigh…

But the real clincher was that new show Hoarders on A & E. Have you seen it? I come from a a long line of hoarders, but wow!

So a car full of stuff was donated to the resale shop that helps low income pregnant women. And I have another car load to take over soon.

The stuff will still have meaning, but it will be to someone else, and I don’t have to continue to find room for things that really doesn’t need room in my life anymore.

But my house is starting to look awfully empty…

Must be a phase.


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