My Cat Says Warm Weather is Coming

Black cat on window

Black cat on window (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t ya just love this time of year when your pets start dropping their winter coats all over the house?

You can brush and brush, and brush, and it still keeps coming. You swear they’re going to go bald if you keep brushing, but it still keeps coming off.

So even though it’s going to be cold and crummy this weekend, I’m going to take my cat’s word for it and work on a thorough spring vacuuming this weekend. Maybe oil my cabinets. Maybe try to get rid of more stuff to make room for when my daughter brings all her stuff back home…

For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to¬† become best friends with the pet brushes and the vacuum cleaner.

And maybe try to break up with some stuff that really needs to go. I’ll bet I don’t use half of what I own. Makes you wonder – do you own your stuff, or does it own you?

I have stuff that people gave me. I have stuff that I might use someday…

I am convinced that the cold weather hangs on to force you to get this stuff done. What do you think? It’s too crummy to be outside – might as well clean.

It will be warm soon. My cat says so.


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1 thought on “My Cat Says Warm Weather is Coming

  1. MyHomeLifeMag

    This is too funny! Great post … I hate when the dogs’ summer coats come through and force the winter ones to the floor. Sweeping is a daily necessity! But their “nose art” on my windows, is much more difficult to remove.

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