Motivated to do the tedious

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English: Lane to Luscombe Cross A long and rat...

English: Lane to Luscombe Cross A long and rather tedious climb from Luscombe to 35765. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, I’m not real motivated. I’m forcing myself to do the tedious. The only motivating thing is that once its done, its done! I can’t wait.

My daughter is away on vacation with her boyfriend. We’re never ready for that one, are we?

But while she’s gone, I have more time to devote to getting some serious work done.

But then, there’s blankets to wash… Oh the distractions and procrastination!

I love the Whole Life Overhaul course – except when it comes to overhauling the course. I have to at least stay ahead of the students who are already going through the course – so there’s some motivation.

I’m doing some work for my Chiropractor. His owner is convinced that listing their site in 150 directories will help. It won’t, but that’s what they want. Groan! ┬áBut, its paying for my sessions. Bartering still works.

I wish I had some magical solution that I could share with you. Unfortunately, it just comes down to plain old discipline.

This too shall pass…

My neighbor is pricing postcards and old magazines for a show next week, and doing ebay listings. I think I have it better than she does! To me that is horribly boring work.

Do you have some tedious work that you’ve been putting off?

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