Carole’s Monday Motivational

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I got off to a slow start today. Too much fun over the weekend!


Saturday we had the community pig roast. It’s a big fund raising event for the lake. It helps fund weed control, removing undesirable fish, stocking fish, and all kinds of lake stuff like that. It’s a big party for everyone who lives on this lake. Emma and I served food. We find it fun. Except this time, by the time we were able to eat, the chicken, mostacolli, and salad were all gone L We still had plenty to eat, and the fresh sweet corn was really delicious. 


We went over to a neighbor’s house that night. Patti knows I love her margaritas, so she made us a batch. Boy, we downed those too quick!


Sunday, Emma and I spent a couple of hours in the lake. Gotta squeeze out every last bit of summer!


We had chicken wraps with lots of lettuce and tomatoes. And I got a really good cantaloupe this week. You’re never sure what you’re going to get, but this one was exceptional. It was so sweet it was like eating cantaloupe candy.


So, when Monday morning rolled around – I wasn’t exactly jumping out of bed ready to go.


But I just started tackling the ‘to-do’ list and knocked of a couple of major items pretty quick. Now I’m feeling pretty good.


If you’re not using a ‘to-do’ list every day, I guarantee you’re not getting as much done as you could.


And if you’re not eating healthy, you don’t have enough energy to get those things done.


If you need help, remember these resources –


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OK, I’m off to get Jan’s gas card and head off to work. See ya later!