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Did you see the latest clip from ABC News?

A 25 year study shows that vitamin C or E does not prevent cancer.

Before this be revelation, did you believe that if you took a vitamin C a day that you would never get cancer?

I really don’t get the medical establishment and how they waste so much money.

Lets go back to nutrition 101.

Your body needs a whole lot of different nutrients – and they work together. Some nutrients work on your immune system, some on your cardiovascular system, some on your bones, and so on.

Now I’m assuming the target of this study was whether anti-oxidants prevent cancer – but for the sake of sensationalism – they zeroed in on vitamins C & E.

Will anti-oxidants prevent cancer? It depends. If you’re constantly exposed to a multitude of chemicals in your diet that cause cellular damage, and you don’t control your sugar levels, and you don’t get any exercise – a couple vitamins aren’t going to help you much.

Recently, a good friend of mine had a scare on her mammogram. I convinced her to stop taking the HRT – finally.

They took another mammogram, and it turned out to be a false read, which is the case a lot of the time. But she didn’t go back on the HRT. But for her that meant suffering through hot flashes at night.

Then she had to go to a new General Practitioner. A lady doctor from India was recommended. Turns out, this lady is well versed in nutritional and natural therapies. She said she whole-heartedly agreed that my friend should stay off the HRT. And, she recommended more vitamin B12, and E.

No more hot flashes.

I’ve taken vitamins since I was around 20, including C & E. I didn’t have problems with hot flashes.

So you might think that just taking vitamin E will solve your problem if you’re suffering from hot flashes, but I doubt it.

You see, Evelyn and I both eat fruits and vegetables, and we don’t eat packaged foods for the most part, we don’t drink pop, and we take a number of vitamins daily.

There isn’t just one magic pill.

So to say that vitamins C & E prevent cancer, or that vitamin E will stop your hot flashes is misleading. If you’re missing vitamin D, or magnesium, or niacin, or any number of other nutrients – a single vitamin supplement won’t do squat.

Eat a colorful and interesting diet of real foods, and yes, take your vitamins. In combination, this all can help prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

Stay healthy!


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