More reasons to dump your cell phone

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I’ve always said that cell phones are bad for your mental health. This always connected frenzy is just plain not good for you on a number of levels. It is fully expected that you will have your cell phone on you and have it on at all times. You are to be at the beck and call of your boss, your clients, your kids, and whoever else feels they must have immediate access to you.

I say bull. Yes, I have a cell phone. It is for emergencies – car problems or my daughter needs a ride. If you want to talk to me, you call me on my house phone.

Turns out that my being a dinosaur is a healthy attribute again. (you remember my aversion to packaged foods, right?)

There is quickly mounting evidence that cell phone usage is connected to a rise in brain cancers.

Read this mans story –

My name is Enrico Grani and I presently live in Australia. I used cell phones for ten-plus years extensively on-and-off, and because of this I developed a brain tumor! Read the rest of his story >>>

Like Enrico, I have discussions with my daughter about her constant cell phone use. I take some comfort in the fact that the kids don’t actually talk on their cell phones much, instead they choose to text, which was always beyond me! But I guess carpal tunnel is better than a brain tumor.

As the evidence mounts, the question needs to be asked – will you give up your cell phone?


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