More Poisoned Food From China

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In yet another reason to avoid packaged foods – over 50,000 children have been hospitalized in the latest China food safety scandal. The same ingredient that killed pets not too long ago is now found in powder milk products made in China.


The problem here is – we cannot tell the country of origin on most packaged foods. Some packages say; others simply give a statement saying something like imported by such and such company.

Does your baking mix contain powdered milk from China? Who knows? Who will tell if it does?


I think it’s become painfully obvious that profits come before people.


If you’re ready to take your diet and health into your own hands, I’m here to help.


Seriously, it’s not that hard – and it doesn’t have to be torture. We sure eat well.


Isn’t it time you quit poisoning yourself?   


1 thought on “More Poisoned Food From China

  1. Brenda Nicholson

    I couldn’t agree more! I’ve made it a practice to check country of origin on anything I buy and will not buy from China. Healthy natural food the way nature made it is the way to go.

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