More Inexpensive Gift Ideas

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts
Are you someone who thinks that Christmas has become too commercial?

Are you tired of buying and receiving gift cards that are cold and require no real thought?

Do you appreciate it when you know that someone has gone out of their way to put together a gift that they thought You would really like?

Are you tired of feeling like you have to spend a fortune on a gift for it to be appreciated? Especially since money is really tight this year…

Here’s some more ideas to make your gifts stand out from the crowd this year.

One gift that I have cherished over the years is a set of embellished towels a friend of mine gave me. Since they are usually just decorative – you don’t really use them, you can pick up inexpensive towels. She sewed ribbon and lace across the bottom on one side. Since they are displayed on a towel bar, you only need to sew lace on one side. I’ve had that set for probably 20 years.

I have quite a few holiday decorations that people have made from kits they got at the hobby store.

If you have a baker – they can always use new cookie sheets. I swear! And they are always appreciated. One year we got a friend a bigger sheet that had a higher edge and we thought she was going to cry. And then she made us some special goodies, so that gift really paid off 😉

I don’t know too many people that couldn’t use new kitchen utensils.

How about a new Yatzee set? I could use one!

You can pick up $25 gift certificates for $10 at I actually had a couple people hint this year that they would love to get those again. Of course, they don’t know that you only paid $10.

You could put together a stocking with some playing cards, lottery tickets, homemade candies or cookies, hot chocolate mixes, candy canes, and maybe a special ornament. Of course, the fun here is the lottery tickets. Get the scratch off kind.

Take a pretty bowl and fill it with pinecones, small glass bowl ornaments, and tiny gift-wrapped boxes for a special centerpiece. I wouldn’t suggest a candle since the pinecones and boxes are flammable.

One of those lumbar support cushions for someone who has a long daily commute. We bought one for someone one year, and I hear it’s great.

Young girls like tons of stuff on their key rings. I saw some great dog key rings at PetsMart for dog lovers. Or you can just pick up a few novel key rings and hook them together. I know, it’s not supposed to be good for the ignition, but I never had a problem, and I can’t think of anyone that did.

Get creative!


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  1. Sandy @ Jesus and Dark Chocolate

    Great ideas….LOTS of good ideas. I like the key ring idea from Pet Smart, that would be a great stocking stuffer for my daughter. And the lumbar support cushion is also a great idea!

    Thanks for visiting my blog also…’s always nice to meet new friends!

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