What Do Moms Really Want For Valentines Day?

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Happy MomMetro Parent Did a survey of their readers to find out what Moms really want for Valentines Day. Here were the top 10 answers –

  1. Sleep
  2. Clean House (fresh flowers on the table earned extra points)
  3. A Night Out
  4. Something Cute from the kids
  5. Massage
  6. Pampering
  7. Free Time to Netflix
  8. An Adoring Post
  9. Household Management Handled
  10. The Simple Things..

 Metro Parent multimedia sales specialist Kathy Harvey says it best: “I would say the thing I want most for Valentine’s Day are really the simple things in life. I would love to have a nice family dinner, hear the words ‘I love you’ from my hubby-to-be and our girls and of course, some dark chocolate.”

That is a pretty good list. I especially like Kathy’s wishes.

Sleep is always a good thing, right?

A clean house is a gift I give myself. It would be nice if someone else pitched in…but it is what it is.

A night out tonight? Long waits, mediocre food, expense… maybe another night.

How about something more realistic? –

  • Show me you love me
  • Sleep?  At least help me get to bed on time.
  • Clean house? If they would at least pick up after themselves and do the dishes.
  • Eat the dinner I lovingly prepared with no complaints.
  • At least a half hour uninterrupted in the bathroom with some great smelling body wash and lotion.
  • Don’t wait until 5 minutes after I’ve gone to bed to load the sink with dishes and leave them.
  • Oh – Chocolate is always good too!

That would make me happy. How about you? What would make you happy today?




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