Mom’s on Strike Night

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Will eat for food

Will eat for food (Photo credit: altemark)

It’s been a tough week, there’s no food in the house, and I’m not cooking!

OK, there is some food, and I could come up with something if I wanted to – but I don’t want to. So there!

So, what did I end up with?

A Chipolte’ burrito and a Shamrock Shake. Yes, I really did go to 2 fast food joints. But, Chipolte is closer to fresh food than most. I ordered online and went and picked it up. No waiting. There was no line at McDonalds – so I swung in and got a shake in the drive through. I need the calories.

But I still got my vegetables – fajita vegetables, fresh tomato salsa, and lettuce. OK, the lettuce is iceberg, so it really doesn’t count – but still, it wasn’t horribly unhealthy.

OK, I could have made a healthy dinner faster – if I actually had something planned…

But I guess tonight I’d rather drive than cook.

And now, I think I’m going to take a hot shower, put on my pj’s, and watch a movie. I’m not doing another bit of work today.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Follow my lead – Take a break.

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