Missing Weekly Rants


I know, you’ve been missing my weekly life rants, haven’t you?


For the last few weeks, I’ve had some really bizarre schedules at work. Open one day, close the next, open the next…


That means every other night I get home at 10 at night and have to walk hyper-dog. So, it’s around 11 before I get to sit down – and I work on my feet all day. Grab a snack, check email, take a shower, go to bed so I can get up the next morning, feed the dog and cats, walk dog, and to back to work. It’s like losing a day every other day. Crazy.


We’ve had 2 nice days, I mean warm enough to not wear a jacket. Otherwise, it’s still been in the 40s pretty much every night. Still so cold. That’s been getting to me too. It’s been cold for a long, long time now. I’m so tired of it. I hear it’s actually going to get warm next week. I can’t wait!


The baby geese have hatched. I hate having to clean up after them all, but they sure are cute. Unfortunately, one died. In my yard of course. Never a dull moment!


The yellow lilies my daughter got me for mothers day are in the ground and blooming away. They’re so pretty J


My daughter has a choir concert tomorrow. I’m looking forward to that. I like to be present at as many of her life events as possible.


She went to her first prom a couple of weeks ago. I can’t believe it. Isn’t she still just 4 years old? And then they broke up a week later. Poor kids. It’s so hard at that age! But we have the dress for the next dance on layaway. Since I work at DressBarn, I get first dibs on the newest dresses! Good thing too – size 4s are hard to come by. Size 0 and 2s are even harder to come by – at least without paying a small fortune.


Boo-hoo you say? You just wait. If you’re following my lessons, this time next year you might be having a hard time finding clothes too.


I’ve been wanting to get back to body building. I look like stick woman these days. I guess we’re never happy, are we?


I’ve been disappointed in the blog format for this site. It’s not as functional as we need. I’m working on a better solution – but you know me and technology. And this system is a BIG leap for me. Plus, I have 2 new ebooks started.  Can you say work-a-holic?


And the house is clean. Yes, I’m still a clean freak on top of it.


Maybe psychotic is a better word?


Anyway –  that’s the highlights. Don’t want to bore you too much!


Enjoy the rest of the posts from this week – and have a great weekend!



2 thoughts on “Missing Weekly Rants

  1. Jennie Dal Bello

    I enjoy your weekly rants, so I’m glad you’re back LOL. I’ve really felt for you and others over there in the US struggling through a long and cold winter! I’m so glad my winters over here in Australia are relatively short and mild LOL.

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